Emily’s house

what it’s whispering on your ear,
the wind.
Compose the deck of cards,
and I’ll tell you the past,
it’s water.
Ask for my hand,
and I’ll grab the edge of my dress.
We’ll dance together
wind dances with water.
We’ll create waves,
which cover the sun.

© W. Donovan


You’re trying to encourage me
but that’s all nonsense
treacherous leeches
in crystal clear water
Don’t try to do anything
to speak, to think
I’m telling you I have nothing
nothing to remember, believe me

© W. Donovan


all this was just an illusion.

You’re nobody
to me
I don’t know you
you’re not here

who I really was for you?

I am nobody
to you
You don’t know me
I’m not here

© W. Donovan