I’ve been so sad today.
Don’t know how to change it.
Please, tell me
how to cure my soul
to stop feeling the sadness
so deep
it turns into nothingness.
I’m not sure if you…
if you could change
Rip my melancholic heart
out of my chest.
Would I be happy
if I saw you
swirling around tables
whispering magic words.
Not when my eyes bleed
with sadness
staining my emerald dress.
You wouldn’t change anything.
Please, let go of my hand.
I’ve been so sad tonight.

© W. Donovan

9 thoughts on “Blue

      1. Oh, I had years without any tears, for me it was the drama of life and a hurt heart that dried up my tears. I usually cry alone, they flow better alone. I pray for more tears for I think God gave them to us to refresh us, not only our physical eyes but our soul eyes too.

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