Fiona’s dance

Like the fear of stars
and the glow of white
among the colors of emptiness.

Falling down with a slender beauty
towards the high sky
entangling without breath.

Encircling like a carousel
more scary with every move
the dizziness hits.

Choking with its own breath
woven into a spider’s web
bound by a painful stab.

Open in the abyss of colors
clenched in its soul
pulsing like a heart.

Feeling just cold
and echoing somewhere
they slam into the door.

Closed in its soul
clenched in the abyss of black
pressed in pulsing wilderness.

Left, only alone
in the circle of light
not reaching, blinded.

They don’t cause dizziness
now a colorless silence
left in the cool white.

© W. Donovan

Emily’s house

what it’s whispering on your ear,
the wind.
Compose the deck of cards,
and I’ll tell you the past,
it’s water.
Ask for my hand,
and I’ll grab the edge of my dress.
We’ll dance together
wind dances with water.
We’ll create waves,
which cover the sun.

© W. Donovan

The dream

I know you’ll leave soon
I can feel it.
When you finally do it
don’t take everything with you.
When you leave
let me keep at least memories.
Do not let me forget
about the dream
which I had
when you were here.
Do not let me forget
about the freedom
which I felt
when you were here.
Do not let me forget
what I knew
when you were here
what was important.
When you leave
let me keep
part of you
in my heart.

© W. Donovan


You’re trying to encourage me
but that’s all nonsense
treacherous leeches
in crystal clear water
Don’t try to do anything
to speak, to think
I’m telling you I have nothing
nothing to remember, believe me

© W. Donovan