Like a storm

You appeared so suddenly
I didn’t have time to protest
I couldn’t live normally
without thinking about you every day.
Everything, all your world
became my world.

So suddenly
like a storm
you appeared
you opened my eyes
you gave me more
than anyone else.

You disappeared so suddenly
I didn’t have time to protest
I didn’t know how to live
not having you by my side.
Everything, all my world
collapsed when you left.

You changed me
you gave me life
you gave me love.
So suddenly
like a storm
you disappeared.

© W. Donovan


It’s tiring
being here
next to them
It’s hard
trying to speak
when nobody
really listen.
It’s more likely
to be invisible
when you don’t care
they don’t.
It’s impossible
to care
being there
opposite them.
It’s here
when you are
on my mind

© W. Donovan


I want to remember your smile
when you looked at me
it’s all I have.
It doesn’t matter if
I imagined you or not.
I don’t need many people
don’t need many talks
You were the only one
I could’ve been with.
It doesn’t matter if
I wanted that or not.
You haven’t left me anything
but speculation.
It drives me crazy
the thought about you.
That I won’t
speak to you anymore.
That we won’t
meet again
the universe between us.
That I won’t
tell you all the things
I wanted to tell you.
Can’t stop thinking
about ‘what if’
Can’t stop crying
on what I could’ve had
Can’t stop imagining

© W. Donovan