Mr. Freemantle [part 2]

Because it’s too late…

Thank you, Dad.
Your gift has taken my life away.
And you allowed it,
that SHE would get in so deep.
Now I can only wave at you
from the ship of your dreams.
Dreams that turned into nightmares.
But before you knew about it,
it was too much too late.

Do not cry now.
You know, mother will always be with you
and she’ll sing you the lullaby.
Do not worry.
Be patient.
The time will come soon.
I will come.
And I’m going to drag you down to the bottom.
Like the anchor dragged this damn ship down.
Ship from your nightmares.

Thank you, Dad.

© W. Donovan

The misty truth

Is it actually true?
Give me the whole wind
so that I could breathe.
Give me the whole sun
so that I could take energy out.
Give me whole water
so that I could walk.
Give me all roses
so that I could feel their love.
Give me a rainbow
so that I wouldn’t feel gray
any longer.

© W. Donovan

Fairy tale

I would like to live in a fairy tale
so that I could always smell a gingerbread
to forget about the whole scent of reality.

I will build a castle for myself
One day I will meet a beautiful prince
That won’t be a trick
The world will be magical.

I want it to be real
so that I could touch it with my hand
and feel it with my own heart.
I want to believe it’s true
so that I could see it with my eyes
even then when it’s not dark.

© W. Donovan


they expect you to talk
doesn’t matter
about what
they expect you to talk
when you don’t
you’re nobody
when you don’t
you’re invisible
when you don’t
you’re weirdo
they expect you to talk
they can’t see you
they can’t hear you
it’s always not enough

© W. Donovan

Mr. Freemantle

Thank you, Dad
for supporting me.
I believe in you with all my heart.
Today is the day I want to thank you.
That you reflected back
that glare in my eyes.
You were always close to me.
I was patient, just like you.

You may have always loved my tears,
And you’ve always been to sing me a lullaby.
Don’t go away even when I close my eyes.
Because when I wake up the next day,
I want you to be at my side.

© W. Donovan