I’d like to close my eyes for a moment
and open them on the other side of my mind
Far away from the madness
The sunset is always the same and don’t tell me,
please, the life is going to end like this
I’m standing in the darkness, you left me here
I couldn’t even unfurl my wings
They’re so heavy I can’t bear them.

Demons in my head, screaming
every day louder and louder.
I don’t want to look at it once again,
because I could go back to it.
I could not survive here

I’d like to free myself and escape,
chained by heavy handcuffs
I can only dream, away from you.
Reality hits me too hard
My heart is already shattered
Now only a cold flame, smolders
lost its heat, extinguished by tears
This is where my life is going to end.

Demons in my head, screaming
every day louder and louder.
This is the whole truth about me,
tastes with blood and disappointment
I shouldn’t tell anybody

© W. Donovan



I fell on my knees,
not feeling pain.
I leaned over the edge,
to get water in my hand.
It was too far away,
my hand was too short.
I looked yerningly
at the bottom of the clear lake.
My heart stopped,
with chapped lips
with a frozen hand

© W. Donovan

Come back

Where are you?
come back, come back
Where are you?
Why did you leave?
It was me, I left.
I abandoned
in the past.
Now I want
you to go.
That’s not me.
Where are you?
Come back to me.
It’s not what
I want to live.
Why did I leave?
I lost everything.
come back, come back
Where are you?

© W. Donovan

Afraid to live

Okay, I’ll be there.
I’ll sit in the corner
so that nobody could see me.
I’ll be looking at you
behind the curtain
so that you couldn’t see me.
Just don’t come closer
Just don’t say anything to me
‘Cause I’m gonna have to say something
and I’ll ruin everything.

I look through the glass
talk to you in my mind.

Okay, I’ll be there.
I listen from far away
to things you want to say.
I laugh quietly
at every funny word you say
enjoy your every following day.
Then, I could imagine
I’m the part of your life
and it’s me who you see every morning.

I look through the glass
talk to you in my mind.

© W. Donovan


Yesterday, I was laughing with him
and you were happy with her.
I thought,
this was right.
But now, I don’t know what to do.
I don’t know what to tell him.

We shouldn’t do this.
I tried to explain to him
but I don’t know what’s going on.
It’s like suicide.
Can we go back in time?

I wanted to fix it,
like you, you came back.
But she left you alone
and he doesn’t want to forget.
Now, I’m running from ourselves.
Nobody is with me.

We shouldn’t do this.
I don’t know, how this could happen.
It’s like a horrible nightmare.
We should run now.
Can we run from ourselves?

© W. Donovan