22 Diaries. Story nineteen

Perhaps, it’s because they don’t know
they’re afraid
of a foreign face
marble pale.

Perhaps, it’s because they know
they could never allow
for it to take everything
like a thief.

How can I say a word, now if I know that my speech will reveal every single flaw. Exposed.

I’ll be stood there with all the eyes on me. Judging, what the hell am I worth if not a coin.

Certainly, not something to be accepted easily nor obvious enough to be rejected.

What on earth are you still doing here. If you can’t go back without turning back. What on earth?

Perhaps, it wasn’t worth it
if your own mother didn’t care.
Perhaps, I was the one who didn’t care
if I left so effortlessly.

Shall I ever find the answer in the mouths of pleasers.

They will never understand.

They will never accept the truth for what it is.

Just don’t reveal your name and keep your mouth shut, for they will always look at you differently.

Don’t even try.

It’ll get you nowhere.

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