What was all this for?

a few happy seconds
in a day full of suffering.

it is as it is.

Life is just life

I want to feel it.

I don’t want to see
only images in my head.
I want to feel
what you feel
Feel it on my skin.
Tell me until I believe.

And what was all this for?

© W. Donovan


You’re trying to encourage me
but that’s all nonsense
treacherous leeches
in crystal clear water
Don’t try to do anything
to speak, to think
I’m telling you I have nothing
nothing to remember, believe me

© W. Donovan


You want things you cannot have
you want things which they have.
But when you get it
what are you going to do?
You always want something.
You want to own everything.
But when you get it
you become conceited,
you stop seeing.
But when you get it
you forget that you have it,
and you don’t know anymore
what you wanted it for.
You want everything to have nothing.

© W. Donovan


You came and
wanted me to say
that I love you.
It didn’t matter
whether it’s true
whether it’s not.
‘I love you’
I said.
I don’t know, if you believed.
You only smiled.
And you left
knowing you have a reason to live for
knowing there’s somebody who needs you
knowing you are important for me.
At least, somebody loves you
and you’ll never be alone.

© W. Donovan

You don’t belong here

This morning I put on pearls 
later I ran to the forest
and I lost them somewhere
dancing between the trees.

I looked around, feeling lost
when the damp smell hit my nostrils
and the cones prickeld my feet
and I felt scratches on my shoulders.

I lost everything again,
but I realized that
I cannot pretend to be
someone I am not.

Abandoned, different, trivial
I can only look and touch
Read carelessly written pages
Imagine playing the piano

© W. Donovan