My tears ruffle the peaceful surface of the ocean
It’s no longer a reflection of the calm sky
The peace of our souls. It’s nothing
Our hearts are broken now
and we can bury everything in the ground.

© W. Donovan


I regret I wasn’t listening
to you more carefully
I ignored you
talked to you
but didn’t listen.
I’m sorry.
I can imagine
how you might’ve felt.
I know I was blind
hadn’t seen the signs.
I know I was deaf
I hadn’t heard your voice.
I’m sorry, I didn’t know.
I wish I listened.
Now I can’t speak to anyone
without seeing your face
without hearing your voice
without imagining our conversations.
God, I miss it so much
our talks.
I’m sorry I wasn’t listening.
I didn’t understand it
Probably that’s why you left.
Now I try to remember
every detail from our talks.
Now I want to ask you questions
I didn’t ask when I had a chance.
God, I wish I was listening.
I’m sorry, I didn’t know
you were my soulmate.

© W. Donovan


Pain, bursting sharp
I feel when you are close
and when I want you to go
I feel when you are here
and when you leave me alone
I feel when you talk to me
and when you stop talking
I feel when I say I love you
and when I say I hate you.

© W. Donovan


There’s no point in discussing it.
Only dreams are left when you wake up alone.
You say you don’t love me anymore.
Do I leave or do I stay?
All these unsaid words
nothing changed between us
once again you turn your back on me.

© W. Donovan

With the stars

It’s silent around me now.
Only the cool wind rustles among the trees.
There’s nothing between us anymore
except the moonlight on the sky.
No touch, no look
no breathing, no trembling of the heart.
It’s too late for that.
You know that we couldn’t do it.

now only stars
shine for us
only there we can be
in the arms of love
together till the end

It’s silent, I’m alone
The hand touches the other hand
The eyes meet in a glance
Hearts play a common rhythm
Just in my mind because you’re not here.
You know that I couldn’t tell you
The moment escaped somewhere
We will never be together.

© W. Donovan