Trapped in my mind.
I stayed.
Sitting right in front of you.
Though you speak to me,
I cannot hear.
Though I look at you,
I cannot see.
Trapped in my mind.
I’m going back to my memories,
when I felt happy.
Then I knew she was
safe, she was with me.
And you grab my arms,
but I do not feel it.
I don’t feel anything from the dreams,
which I still live in and
I would like them back.
When I felt happy.
And you shout to me,
but all I can hear
is her laugh.
And I know.
Now I know for sure that,
that I lost everything.

© W. Donovan


I left the wrong house
I turned to the wrong street
I took the wrong path
I went to the wrong library
And on a page of the wrong book
I wrote the right words.

They wanted to change my life
I ignored it
Now I don’t know where to go.

© W. Donovan



I’ve had enough
that I feel pain
that I feel it all the time.
I’ve had enough.
I’ve had enough
I cannot reach
I cannot have it.
I’ve had enough.
Walking with my eyes closed
Talking to my head
Writing dots on a piece of paper
Existing without a soul
I’ve had enough.
Because my love for you hasn’t passed away
And the waves are at my fingertips
Only from behind bars it’s hard to touch them
I’ve had enough.

© W. Donovan

The misty truth

Is it actually true?
Give me the whole wind
so that I could breathe.
Give me the whole sun
so that I could take energy out.
Give me whole water
so that I could walk.
Give me all roses
so that I could feel their love.
Give me a rainbow
so that I wouldn’t feel gray
any longer.

© W. Donovan