Writing, writing in the morning.

Dear Readers

I had a wonderful morning today. I woke up early before the sunrise and I stepped outside into the cold air. Took myself for a little trip, far away from the crowd yet so close.

I waited there for the sun to wake up, greeted it with all the joy I could make from myself. The chill touched my cheeks. I was patient though, wanted to see it, feel the warmth I craved.

Then I went to town, still silent, coming to life, and I purchased a cup of tea to warm myself up. Sitting there, enjoying the morning and drinking tea I started to write.

OK. Now I’d like to explain something.

The book I wrote – ‘Ghosts’ – is the first of four volumes I plan to write and self-publish. So, I’d like to inform you that I’m currently collecting poems for a second volume that will be published some time soon. Wish me luck!

And of course, I want to THANK YOU ALL for purchasing my book! Please, leave a review if you like it. That would help me a lot.

Ghosts. Poetry volume I – available on Amazon.

Voices [VII]

Voices in my head
I can hear them all the time
whisper that I’m a bad man.
Down on my knees
I’m begging for mercy.
Is that what you wanted?
You don’t understand anything.
I did it because I wanted to
I wanted to be worthy of you.
But you still don’t understand.
I told you many times
that I loved you.
You thought it was a joke
You thought it was a fad
You thought it was a lie
Do you believe me now?
Will you let me love you
be close to you
even if you don’t want it.
Please tell me
that you’ve forgiven me
that you need me
that I deserve it.

© W. Donovan


My tears ruffle the peaceful surface of the ocean
It’s no longer a reflection of the calm sky
The peace of our souls. It’s nothing
Our hearts are broken now
and we can bury everything in the ground.

© W. Donovan


I regret I wasn’t listening
to you more carefully
I ignored you
talked to you
but didn’t listen.
I’m sorry.
I can imagine
how you might’ve felt.
I know I was blind
hadn’t seen the signs.
I know I was deaf
I hadn’t heard your voice.
I’m sorry, I didn’t know.
I wish I listened.
Now I can’t speak to anyone
without seeing your face
without hearing your voice
without imagining our conversations.
God, I miss it so much
our talks.
I’m sorry I wasn’t listening.
I didn’t understand it
Probably that’s why you left.
Now I try to remember
every detail from our talks.
Now I want to ask you questions
I didn’t ask when I had a chance.
God, I wish I was listening.
I’m sorry, I didn’t know
you were my soulmate.

© W. Donovan