Lonely souls

So close
so far away
to each other.
So close
in the same place
so far away
separated by a wall.
Cannot see
each other.
Cannot smile
to each other.
Cannot speak
to each other.
So close
but thick bricks
between them.
So far away
but connected
in their minds.

© W. Donovan

My book is now LIVE!

Dear Readers

I’ve made it. I published my first book. It’s only an eBook, but I’m still happy that I created something that looks like a book.

Thank you all so much for following me and liking my posts. You give me hope that I can become a real author.

If you’d like to support my writing, my book is available on Amazon.


What was all this for?

a few happy seconds
in a day full of suffering.

it is as it is.

Life is just life

I want to feel it.

I don’t want to see
only images in my head.
I want to feel
what you feel
Feel it on my skin.
Tell me until I believe.

And what was all this for?

© W. Donovan