What is happiness

What is happiness
doing things you like?
having satisfying job?
loving somebody?
What is happiness?
You say you’ll be happy
if you find your own place to live.
He says he’ll be happy
if he has the one he loves.
She says she’ll be happy
if she makes a career.
Can’t they be happy just right now?
What is happiness
the open sky
the deep ocean
the dark forest.
I don’t want to feel when it burns.
I don’t want to see any sparks.
I don’t want to hear the rhythm.
I just want to endure in that voiceless silence.
Am I happy?
I feel peace in my heart
Is that happiness?

© W. Donovan

6 thoughts on “What is happiness


    Some emotions
    Almost like thoughts
    Enter the room

    Some are in a rush
    Some in no hurry, sit down
    Put their feet up, relax

    I look them up and down
    Weigh them up, make judgements
    Sometimes we converse

    We exchange opinions
    See if we agree or disagree
    Sometimes we fight

    I may throw them out
    Or invite them to stay longer
    They all leave in the end

    After all just guests
    Not like those other emotions
    The insidious ones

    Not here in full view
    But disguised in the wallpaper
    And forming the bricks

    – Ben Naga (https://bennaga.wordpress.com/2014/09/22/emotions/)

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