I just want to walk…

16 thoughts on “I just want to walk…

      1. No need to be sorry. These words striked the core in me… may be the flesh of my soul was becoming senseless and these words just fired up the sensation buried deep within… Always words are out there that relate yourself to you…and lucky enough I found them on your wall… I must say thank you for that

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  1. I have written a lifetime and feel there is really no wrong or right way. At least that is how I feel. Some take courses in college to learn rhyme and meter and all of the various kinds of poetry there is. I have tried but, in fact, feel rather hemmed in when I try to write a certain way. Your poetry is beautiful and it will change and transform and grow as you do. I commend you and encourage you to continue to do what you love. I read your About page and decided to respond here as well as to your poem.

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    1. Thank you, Renee for your support and kind words. For years I didn’t consider it as poetry, I didn’t even think of putting it to a bigger audience. But I’m glad that I had courage to do it and I’m happy being in the place I am right now.

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