Do you like yourself? Do you like the way you look?

I know most young people struggle to accept themselves for what they are. I’m not that young anymore, though, I’ve lived with myself for a few decades now. I’ve accepted my body, finally realising that’s the only thing I was given that truly belongs to me. I’ve learned how to like some of my qualities. I’ve stopped comparing myself to others. At least, I thought so.

Women sometimes seek men who admire them, so that they could find affirmation in those men’s eyes. Sometimes these women are looking for acceptance in someone else because they don’t know how to accept themselves.

In my case, it was the opposite. I fell for a man who hadn’t seemed interested in me. I felt good with myself, but I wasn’t good in his eyes. So I started questioning my appeal. I started spending more time in front of a mirror because I wanted to look my best. I started comparing myself to the women that were around him.

Look at her. She’s much prettier than me. Her skin is smooth, her hair is shiny, her legs are longer, she’s taller, she’s more feminine, she’s mysterious. Why would he want me, if she’s much better than me?

It seemed like he’d taken everything away from me. I didn’t want to be me anymore…

Deep down I knew, though, that the thoughts were ridiculous. Why should I rely on his judgment? Why should I seek validation from him?

I’ve always been content being on my own until you came along – Kora

9 thoughts on “Validation

  1. no idea
    as i said i m a man
    and i have my own demons
    like why will she lie with everyone but me
    i m just a friend
    a poor one too
    and in the end good bye
    is a damn relief
    i understand
    to a point
    but i am outside
    and you are inside
    remember men are little boys
    and not taught how to integrate feelings
    so if i like you and want you
    oh oh
    now that s a real problem
    peace and a happy Easter~!

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  2. Some ancient writer wrote somewhere my dear friend. The greatest wisdom we learn is when we like ourselves. Accept our strength and weaknesses. And don’t pay attention to the naysayers.

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