Today might be the day
It seems like a whole eternity has passed
It might be today
I’m so tired now
If only you could stop for a moment
Wander and sing in silence
So that only heaven knows what you say
If you could jump into the water
Icy to the bone, it would tell you
If only you could hear the wind’s whisper
You would know what you want the most
If you could watch and see
Everything would be so much more beautiful
Now I’m just waiting for the day
When it all starts
It might be today

© W. Donovan

14 thoughts on “Today

  1. I am sure that there is but often you have to go out and seek. We may all find we have different ideas on the values for human life, mine try and centre upon care and compassion, helping those in need, and of course showing love where needed. I hope that you find a path to joy and happiness in a crazy, topsy-turvy world 🙂

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