You lost everything

Yes. I lost everything.

Because I wanted to have a piece of heaven only for myself, and I wasn’t happy in the place I lived. I wasn’t content with myself. I wanted more.

Because I recklessly left everything behind, chasing up the rising sun, and not thinking about the consequences that a twilight might bring.

Because I hoped life was something more than this. I thought life was something more than enduring in a bottomless space where you cannot fly.

Because I wanted peace with the world and silence in the house.

So selfish.

So ungrateful.

I lost everything.

should I give up my dream?

18 thoughts on “You lost everything

  1. Don’t you dare give up your dream. Everything is there and then some.

    I’ve been bound for the same destination. I don’t want to be the only there…if I make it. Fact is, I don’t always like talking to myself because I never know how to respond.jk 😉

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  2. Thus we learn wisdom, even though painful.Indeed maybe the pain is important in helping us not yo forget and therefore repeat the same mistake in the future. This has been my own experience.

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