The other day I watched a movie called ‘The Milk of Sorrow’. Sad and dramatic as it was, it somehow explained something that was happening in my life.

Even though my mother told me that she wanted to have another baby [me], I found it hard to believe that this was true. Feeling, what I’ve been feeling for all those years, I still hardly believe it.

I’ve always felt unwanted.

It didn’t matter what people said about me. Good daughter, loyal friend, diligent student. I’ve always felt like I wasn’t supposed to be here. Being around all those happy people, brought me down even more. To the point where the only thing I want to do is to pick flowers in heaven.

Tell me, Mother.

Bitter have I become, drinking the milk of sorrow.

Tell me, Mother.

10 thoughts on “Unwanted

  1. I just found out i wasnt welcomed by my Dad.. he pretty much ignored me and never protected me from Mum.. I think if you are unwanted as a baby you feel it.. its painful to face it but you need to know how beloved you are as a spirit and person even if the way you came to be was not nurturing.. for what it is worth those are my thoughts..

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    1. I’m really sorry to hear that 😦 I think some people shouldn’t have children.
      Everyday I’m telling myself that I have worth as human but it’s not always working.

      Thank you for your comment. Take care!

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