The lonely wind

Street lamps brighten her path
Birds’ singing fill her ears
The trees are her companion.
She’s standing here now, deserted streets.
And only the wind brings old whispers.
She sees a girl waving at the window.

Only wind, wind, wind
brushes her hair aside
Only wind, wind, wind
whispers tender words in her ear
Only wind, wind, wind
touches the palm of her hand.

Empty streets and empty gardens
Lost in the space of emptiness
Overwhelmed by nothingness, meaningless
Alone in the midst of a row of benches
Where only the flowers seem to be alive.
The sudden clatter of the train gives her hope.

Only wind, wind, wind
imitates a kiss on her lips.
Only wind, wind, wind
covers her shoulders like a coat.
Only wind, wind, wind
evokes a feeling of huge emptiness.

© W. Donovan

One thought on “The lonely wind

  1. Wow. This is an amazing poem. That repetition of the word wind really emphasises the loneliness and the emptiness. Great poem Weronika

    Liked by 1 person

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