22 Diaries. Story one

You wake up one day and you realize that you slept in again. You open your eyes for a minute only to shut them again, while you step onto the spinning wheel.

You wake up one day and you realize that it’s to late to change anything. It’s too late to unknown things that you’ve already discovered, and you want them to become mystery again.

All the lies that you were told about life, they spread inside you like tentacles, ready to grasp. Everyone tells you that life becomes more with time, but you actually learn that everything becomes less.

If you thought that being an adult would make you free, you were wrong. Because you were told what to become, the decision didn’t belong to you. And the person who tells you to keep your eyes shut when you wake up is actually not you.

You can do whatever you want, but the only thing that stops you is the thing that you cannot do. Which is getting up in the morning with your eyes open.

3 thoughts on “22 Diaries. Story one

  1. This resonated deeply. More and more, each day, there is this restlessness inside me. And it’s knowing that I’m in an odd race against time to grasp hold of all the things I idealized my life to be as a child. Becoming an adult had been too romanticized. If I’d been exposed to the reality much sooner, perhaps I’d feel more at ease with the way life plays out in its unexpected way.

    Very poignant write ❀

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    1. I don’t know where it comes from, the thought, that in the future you’ll be able to fly with possibilities. But where are they now? Maybe we’re too blind or too busy with responsibilities to actually see them.
      Maybe if someone warned us it’s nothing special, we wouldn’t be so disappointed right now.

      Thank you for reading ❀

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